Activity 1: For Honor and Glory

Duration: 15th - 21th Day after the server is released.
Description: Measure your strength against your enemies in the Arena and Battlegrounds! At the completion of this event, the top 30 players in the Honor Rankings will be rewarded with handfuls of Kyanite and Insignia!
1st – 3rd : 4th – 10th: 11th – 30th:
3,000 Kyanite
300 Insignia
1,500 Kyanite
150 Insignia
500 Kyanite
50 Insignia
1. Each character may only redeem once.
2. Allow up to 72 hours for prizes to be sent after the completion of this activity.
Activity 2: Bounty Quest Bonus Booty

Duration: 15th - 28th Day after the server is released.
Description: Looking for that extra boost of experience to reach that next level? Well, look no further! For the following week, players may complete 10 additional Bounty Quests (30 in total) per day.
Activity 3: (Re)Fine Arts

Duration: 15th - 21th Day after the server is released.
Description:  Looking to test your blacksmithing skills? Refine any of your equipment at the Blacksmith until all five of its attributes have a level 10/10 Star rating. Reply to this thread with a screenshot and be rewarded, based on the prizes listed below. The more equipment you refine, the greater the rewards!
  • 1 piece of equipment – 10,000 Kyanite
  • 2 pieces of equipment – 25,000 Kyanite
  • 3 pieces of equipment – 45,000 Kyanite
  • 4 pieces of equipment – 70,000 Kyanite
  • 5 pieces of equipment – 100,000 Kyanite
1. All rewards are bound.
2. Allow up to 96 hours for prizes to be sent.
3. Only level 30 equipment may have 5 attributes with a level 10/10 Star rating.
Activity 4: Limited-Edition Blacksmithing Pack Sale

Duration: 15th - 21th Day after the server is released.
Description: Available for only a short period of time, several blacksmithing packs and a potion pack will be on sale in the Shop!
Available Packs:
356 Balens –Leveler Pack– Extreme Stamina Potion x 2 and Level 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x 1
400 Balens –Refinement Pack– Level 2 Refinement Stone x 50
1600 Balens –Crystaloid Pack– Level 3 Crystaloid x 80