Event List – Click the activities below for more details!
Limited-Edition Soul Crystal Pack Sale Gold/Daru Rush!
Shoot for the Stars  
Activity 1: Limited-Edition Soul Crystal Pack Sale

Duration: 4th Week after the server is released.
Description: Available for only a short period of time, select Soul Crystal Packs will be on sale in the Shop!
Available Packs: 
  • 199 Balens - Soul Crystal Pack - Soul Crystal x20 (Limit 20 per day)
  • 1599 Balens - Soul Crystal Pack II - Soul Crystal x200 (Limit 10 per day)
Activity 2: Gold/Daru Rush!

Duration: 22th – 25th day after the server is released.
Description: Are your gold mines not pulling in enough Gold/Daru? Don’t forget you may exchange Balens for Gold/Daru using the Alchemy feature! For this activity, use Alchemy/Daru Alchemy 10, 20 and 30 times a day and receive the following rewards:
  • 10 Attempts – 30 Insignia
  • 20 Attempts – 1,000 Kyanite and 100 Insignia
  • 30 Attempts – 2,500 Kyanite and 200 Insignia
Activity 3: Shoot for the Stars

Duration: 22th – 26th day after the server is released.
Description: Test your luck with the Astral System and be rewarded for it! Upon obtaining an Orange Astral, you will be rewarded with Energine x1. But don’t wait too late as this activity will only be offered for a limited time!
1. Each character may only redeem once.
2. Allow up to 96 hours for prizes to be sent.