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10/25 Patch Notes and Skill Loss Bug

Posted: 10/25/2012 by: R2Games

This week’s Wartune server maintenance includes the following updates:

Fixed a problem with troops amount.
Fixed a problem with promotion: [It Pays to Consume].

The skill loss bug is where a player click too fast when buying multiple levels of the same skill and the system registers skill points being spent before it realizes the skill has reached its maximum level. So if the maximum level you can raise a skill is 4, if you click too quickly, you can end up spending a fifth point before the system realizes you've spent 4 points and the skill can't go any higher.

We had anticipated this bug being fixed, and to restore a sizable number of players who had lost skill points due to this bug, we had given out a game wide free skill reset. As such, when you respend your skill points now, don't be in a rush and take your time. We will be giving out a second free skill reset once we get the bug fixed just in case any players miss this message. We will have a system announcement in game, but I'm sure not all players will see it, or this forum post. Please make sure to spread the message to your friends and guildmates.