Custom Player Designed Mounts, Wings and Clothing
Duration: Ongoing

Description: We’re excited to announce that Wartune community members may now submit their own designs of clothing, mounts, and wings. Winning designs will be chosen and made available to other players in the game. Designers of these selected submissions will be rewarded with the clothing, mounts, and wings that they created.

How to Participate:

. Reply to this thread, and include the following information:
  • Server Name:
  • Character Name:
  • Your Design:
If you submit clothing, then you will need to include the hat, clothing, and weapon. Wings are optional. You will also need to include the class and gender in your in submission.

. Winners who are chosen will be announced and added to the original thread post.

. Designers will be rewarded with what they created once their clothing, mounts, or wings are implemented in-game.


1. Anyone can submit an unlimited number of designs.

. Incorporating community created designs into Wartune will take time. It may be a few months before the first round of winners’ designs have been added. We hope to continually improve this process, and shorten the time it takes to implement designs in-game.