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Server Merges for 03/06 @ 1:00 AM EST

Posted: 03/04/2013 by: R2Games

A server merge is scheduled for Tuesday the 6th of March, beginning at 1:00 AM EST (10:00 PM on March 5th for PST, 6:00 AM GMT and 2:00 PM GMT +8 on March 6th). These servers will be down for approximately 6 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. Please watch this thread in our forums for any updates or changes, as well as the activities and promotions going on for these servers.

The following servers to be merged are:

    • Roaring Wetlands (S5), and Forest of Doom (S8) will be merged with Desert of Curses (S19), and Buradoth's Grave (S25).

    • 1) Tarraton Lair (S42), and Mirage Desert (S45) will be merged with Imperial Encampment (S48), and Tortmain Abbey (S55).

    • 2) Talverton Citadel (S63), Oakenfield Fort (S80), and Beverstone Mount (S82) will be merged together.

    • 3) Baedcove Tower (S64), Fowlsfield Citadel (S83), Alterwood Swamp (S87), and Ulentor Palace (S90) will be merged together.

    • 4) Karthmere Plain (S72), Riverfoot Abbey (S75), and Mortling Stronghold (S78) will be merged together.

    • 5) Darton Fortress (S74) and Tarlington Field (S77) will be merged together.

    • 6) Blood Moorland (S108), Ashcastle (S111), and Wildehurst (S114) will be merged together.

    • 7) Nightmare Ruins (S102), Mordred Field (S105), and Cursed Spring (S109) will be merged together.

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