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Server Merges for 04/18 @ 10:00 PM EDT

Posted: 04/16/2013 by: R2Games

A server merge is scheduled for Thursday the 18th of April, beginning at 10:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM for PST, 3:00 AM GMT and 10:00 AM GMT +8 on April 19th). These servers will be down for approximately 4 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. Please watch this thread for any updates or changes. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes to the merge.

The following servers to be merged are:

* Undead Swamp (S13), and The Forgotten Dune (S21) will merge with Reaper's Illusion (S24), Orc Plains (S27), and Undead Pit (S33).
* Nightmare Dungeon (S30) and The Graveyard (S36), will merge with Borugham Forest (S168) and Rocky Trenches (S120).
Mireworth Keep (S86) and Emmore Ravine (S89), will merge with Cainhorn Palace (S101) and Demon's Rill (S104).
* Baylon Plains (S26) and The Claristun (S35), will merge with Bloody Coliseum (S29) and Chaos Field (S32), and also merged with Death Garden (S41) and Tauren Camp (S47).
Immortal Ruins (S16) and Desert of Despair (S22), will merge with Narlington Field (S57) and Laeves Fort (S60), and also merged with Deershade (S122).
* Heroic Stadium (S28) and Demonic Crypt (S31), will merge with Soul Stade (S34) and The Bloodlands (S37).
* Temple of Saliora (S43) and Starford Fortress (S54), will merge with Mallowcrest (S124) and Drow Meadow (S157).

In order to avoid the loss of any character information, please refrain from making any new characters on these servers until after the merge has been completed.