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The Toolbar

Posted: 07/04/2012 by: R2Games

The Toolbar - A Quick Overview

The toolbar offers you easy and quick access to a number of functions in Wartune.


You may purchase gems, equipment, luck stones and other useful items in the Shop by using Balens and Vouchers.


Equip your hero with weapons, armor, and magical runes in the Inventory interface. Within this interface, you may sell your items directly and may access Soul Enchanting and the Astro System, as well as view and edit your character’s profile.


Take part in Wartune’s story and questline by visiting the Quest interface. Competing quests oftentimes offers experience, gold and a variety of items.


The Blacksmith offers an extensive system with a variety of methods of improving and tweaking your weapons and equipment through Enchanting, Socketing and Synthesizing. Be sure to also check out the Refining and Recycling tabs to further enhance your equipment. For more in-depth descriptions of the various features offered by the Blacksmith, check out the main Blacksmith Guide.


1. Skill points are earned every two levels.
2. Skill points may be reset for free prior to level 25.
3. Balens or Vouchers may be used to reset skill points after level 25.
4. The Double Skills System is unlocked at level 38 


Astrals may be used in the Astro System to further improve your hero’s stats and attributes, ultimately affecting your strength and success. More information about the Astro System can be found here.


Visit the Troops interface to select the type of troop you wish to accompany you on the battlefield. You may also adjust the placement of your hero and troops within this interface.


Find friends by using the search function and add them to your friends list to keep in contact with them at all times. Raise your friendliness level with them and you will ultimately both receive stat boosts. You may also use the search function to receive a list of recommended players within the same level range.


Enhance your gaming experience by joining or creating a guild and getting to know other players! Becoming a member of a guild allows you to fight together with guildmates as well as being able to access the Guild Shop, use the Guild Vault, receive gifts and learn special and unique guild skills. More information can be found here.