​Version 5.1 - Optimized for a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience!

 Have a sneak peek at some of its exciting new features.

 1. Blood Warrior - A magical, stunning, blood-sucking Eudaemon... What more could you want?!

 2. Sylph Expedition - An unique event made even better with a slew of optimizations.

 3. Defend Sylph Atoll - Defeat evil Sylphs and Sylph BOSSes to save innocents from early death... and be handsomely rewarded!

 4. Game Box - Find all your favorite Wartune mini-games here including Jewel Hunt, Fishing, Cloud Adventures and more!

 5. Starter's Welfare -  Purchase awesome, surprise-filled packs at a HUGE discount! (Only players who sign up after the latest version update may participate.)

 6. Braves' Battle - Fight against minions, elites, and the big BOSS Lavaland King to prove your might among your guild fellows!

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