Don't fight alone! Wartune offers an elaborate guild platform. Contribute and strengthen your guild while progressing through the world of Wartune with your guild-mates by your side. Joining or creating a guild is vital in strengthening your Hero and his/her troops. Do not forget to use the guild chat channel to keep in close contact with your fellow comrades.

Guild Chat – Guild members may communicate with one another using Guild Chat, a private chat interface just for its guild members.

Guild Chamber – With a unique territory for every guild, the Guild Chamber offers guild members the opportunity to gain bundles of guild contribution and experience. A special buff can be purchased, using either Balens or Vouchers, offering experience boosts only in the Guild Chamber.

Guild Battle – The Guild Battle is a weekly, week-long event in which the 8 strongest guilds of the week compete against each other. Guild Masters may choose up to 50 players (including themselves) to compete in Guild Battle. The rewards include both Insignia and Honor. The longer a guild lasts in battle, the better the rewards the guild will receive. Rewards are given at the end of each week once the winners have been decided.

Guild Donate – Guild members may donate gold and Balens to receive contribution points. With every donation, overall guild wealth will increase.

Skill Tower – Guild members may learn special and unique guild skills by consuming contribution points. If you decide to leave a guild, your guild skills will be disabled until you join another guild.

Guild Wealth – Donations from fellow guild members will increase the overall guild wealth. Guild wealth is required to pay the weekly guild membership fee.

Guild Membership Fee – Dependant on the total amount of guild members and the level of the guild, a guild membership fee is deducted from the guild wealth every week.

Guild Shop – Guild members may purchase potions here.

Guild Vault – Running out of Inventory space? You may store additional equipment and items in the Guild Vault. When leaving a guild, all items originally stored in the Guild Vault will be sent to your mailbox.

Guild Altar – Use contribution points for blessings. If you are lucky, you may receive a rare and unique item!

Guild Devine AltarUnlocked at guild level 5, the Divine Altar is a unique event where guild members are required to defend the one and only Guild Divine Altar from waves of monsters. The longer the Divine Altar stands, the more rewards you will receive. A special buff can be purchased by consuming contribution, offering stat boosts only in the Divine Altar. The Divine Altar event may be unlocked once per day by the guild master.

Transfer in guild leadership – Once a guild master has been offline for ten days, a system message will be sent to all guild members, announcing a possible change in guild ownership. If the initial guild master does not login within the following days following this system message, an election will be hosted. If the initial guild master appears online during the election, the election will be cancelled. Any Assistant Guild Master who has logged in within the past three days will become a candidate automatically. Candidates of lower ranks will also be found. During the election, guild members will be able to view the election in detail by opening the guild interface. Players with guild contribution of at least 100 will have voting rights. The election will last for three days and the candidate with the most votes will be declared the new guild master.