Wartune Currencies

Wartune offers a variety of currencies, all used for separate purposes. The currencies displayed at the top of the picture below, from left to right, are:

Gold – Mainly earned from quests, dungeons and gold mines. Gold is the main currency in Wartune and required for upgrading buildings in your city.
Kyanite – Use Kyanite to research and upgrade skills at the Academy.
Daru – Upgrade troop levels with Daru to make them more powerful.
Vouchers – Gained from quests. Vouchers are used to accelerate building construction cooldown time and purchase Runes in the Shop.
Balens – Balens are used to purchase special items available in the Shop and accelerate building construction cooldown time.

Other Wartune currencies include...

Medallions – Used to purchase PvP sets from the Arena Shop. Medallions are collected throughout PVP activities.

Crypt Tokens – Used to purchase unique items from the Crypt Shop. Crypt Tokens are obtained in the Forgotten Catacombs.