[Guide] Defend Sylph Atoll

Requirements: Level 50+

Difficulty: ★★★★, BOSSes are very difficult to defeat. A party of 4 is highly recommended. 

Sylph Atoll BOSSes
Once the event starts, the BOSS will randomly appear in Sylph Atoll. A new BOSS will refresh every 6 hours after the previous BOSS has been defeated.

BOSS Refresh
Refresh locations are random and BOSSes will appear on various maps; however, they only show up on the map associated with their type. For example, BOSS • Light will only appear on the map with light sylphs. BOSSes do not move around the map after appearing, and will disappear 30 minutes after spawning or upon defeat.

BOSS Difficulty
Sylph Atoll BOSSes are divided into 2 difficulty levels, with each level requiring a certain character level and battle rating (in terms of a 4-people team). The more difficult a BOSS is, the greater the rewards.

Corresponding BOSS titles: Scorching Predator I, Scorching Predator II.

  • Only parties are allowed to attend the event.
  • Double resistance and damage reduction will take effect in the Defend Sylph Atoll event.
  • The system will default to full awakening points when entering battle. The battle consumes no awakening points and the shape change effect cannot be removed during battle.
  • Players cannot enter battle without an active sylph.
  • Players enter battle in a team which is named after the leader's character name. Team points stay valid as long as the party exists.
  • Party members who leave their team will lose all their points.
  • Damage caused by teammates will increase team points, teams are ranked based on their points; if team points are the same, then the battle rating of the whole team will determine ranking.
  • All team members will revive at the Sylph Atoll teleport after defeat. Revive Time: 10 seconds.

  • Participation: All participants will receive gold based on team points earned.
  • Lucky Prize: When more than 40 participants join the event, the system will randomly rewards one team with a lucky prize: Bound Balens Chest.
  • Ranking Rewards: After the event ends, the No. 1 team will receive great rewards such as Mount Hooves, Soul Marks, and more.
Note: Players below Lvl. 50 will not be rewarded.