The Hall of Fame has returned!
Event: Hall of Fame III

Duration: 11/10 00:00 - 11/27 (after weekly maintenance ends)

Servers: All servers

The Hall of Fame has returned! This time there are even more awesome rewards for those who are deemed worthy.

1. Players with 450000+ Battle Rating will receive a special title: God of Balenor

2. Players with 400000+ Battle Rating will receive a special mount - Inferno Dragon:

3.      Electric Sengolar Set

The No.1 player on each server with the highest Battle Rating Ranking will receive the following:
  • Sengolar Weapon
  • Sengolar Armor
  • Sengolar Headdress
  • Sengolar Wings

4. Other Rewards
  • Players with 350,000+ Battle Rating will receive: King of Balenor, 15,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x300, Vulcan Pack x100 and Soul Seal x200.
  • Players with 300,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Noble of Balenor, 12,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x80 and Soul Seal x150.
  • Players with 250,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Knight of Balenor, 8,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x50 and Soul Seal x100.

Vulcan Pack contains:
Vulcan's Hammer x1
Vulcan's Stove x3

  • Battle Ratings increased by buffs using items such as potion/scroll do not count towards the BR calculation; the final BR calculation (with extra BR bonus excluded as mentioned above) is based on the backend real-time data when the event ends.
  • Rewards will be sent during the November 27th maintenance; each reward can only be redeemed once.
  • Wartune’s official operation team reserves the right of final explanation for this event.
  • For any questions about the event please refer to our in-game event explanation or customer service.