It Pays to Consume for Independence Day!
Duration: 7/3 - 7/5 23:59 (Server Time)


 R2 Games: S1 - S252
 Kongregate: S1 - S11
 Armor Games: S1 - S6
 Kabam: S1 - S26

Description: Spend Balens during this 4th of July event and receive unique rewards!

 Spend 500 Balens to receive: 100,000 Gold, Little Wings Gift Box x1

 Spend 2,000 Balens to receive: 200,000 Gold, Small Runestone x5, Insignia x100

 Spend 5,000 Balens to receive: 400,000 Gold, Small Runestone x10, Bounty Scroll Pack x2

 Spend 10,000 Balens to receive: 800,000 Gold, Medium Runestone x5, Crypt Token x200, Fashion Core x2, Skeleton Key x25

 Spend 20,000 Balens to receive: 1,600,000 Gold, Medium Runestone x10, Mount Training Whip x200, Skeleton Key x50

 Spend 30,000 Balens to receive: 3,200,000 Gold, Medium Runestone x15, Lvl. 3 - Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x8, Soul Crystal x800, Energine x5, Skeleton Key x100

Note: Rewards can be redeemed from the Hot Events window.