Maintenance Complete for 09/20/2012
​This week’s Wartune server maintenance will include the following updates:

  • Arena now holds two separate times; the first starting at 1:00 PM (Server Time) and the second starting at 7:00 PM (Server Time). Players will now receive 3 Insignia when winning and receive 1 Insignia when losing.
  • Various prices of Mystery Shop items have been slightly adjusted.
  • Level 45 PvP equipment and medallions are now available on all servers, which can be found in the Arena Shop.
  • The battleground language and user interfaces have been optimized.
  • The chat filter has been improved greatly.
  • The tutorial has been optimized.

Reminder: Please keep in mind the new weekly activities do not start until 5:00 AM Server Time. In other words, these activities will not appear in-game until 5:00 AM Server Time.