Proud to be Free to Play
My Name's Regulus Leo I'm an Archer Currently lvl 41 (probably 42 at the time u read this) in Roaring Wetlands. First I was playing in Ibalize Server as Grimreaper, then my Guildmates suggest to move together to S5 and we did.

Why I said I'm above others in my server? I'm a Free-Player and still kickin' ass. I'm striving to be an exemplary model of Free-Player to all those whiner out there. I'm here to prove that if u work hard and be resilient u can still (at least) compete with balens user, to prove that this game has that thing called BALANCE. I CAN buy Balens, but chose not to. I have a good life, I have a job and finishing my law school and paying for it myself. My Motto is: One considered succeed if One can complete One's mission while holding tight to what One believe.

My Achievements:
+ Giving a hard time to ppl 3-4 level above me when I'm lvl 36 not to mention the Balens-user,
+ Overlapping some players that used to bullied me,
+ Currently Rank 15 in Honor stand (4 Days Ago Ranked 6th),
+ Sometimes in Top 10 in WB Fight (once #8th and the rest is 10th ^^),
+ Constantly breaking my own personal achievements (mostly in WB Fights: 23k Critical Damage, 16990 Gold/Daru 1 hit. BG: Killing one of people that I looked up to by using delphic-roulette in 1:2 chance)
+ Constantly staying in top 100 in PVP Rank (50 if I don't hold back, and probably more once I reached lvl 45),
+ Irritated some of the Balens-User reading this (oh Yes, this troll is fed by ur irritation).

Oh yes, I'm Proud of these things. Try not using a single Balens and do what I did.
I don't know how long I can maintain this, but as long as the developer care about balance, I will achieve my goal. That'll be all.