Wartune Patch Notes for 11/15/2012
​With this update, we're adding in two methods for players to get an experience boost!

Rested Experience – Players who are offline for more than 24 hours will now begin accumulating additional experience called “Rested Experience.” During this rested state players will receive double experience.

World Prosperity – From this day forward, if a player’s level is five levels below the average level of the Top 100 in the level rankings, that player will receive bonus experience. In order to receive this bonus experience, players must also be at least level 20. Lastly, the bonus percentage is dependent on the level difference between the player and the average level of the Top 100. The larger the margin, the more bonus experience the player will receive.

Not only will it be easier to earn XP faster, but we'll be including Blitzing, a way to do solo campaigns and the Forgotten Catacombs when you don't have time to play. Just set it up and go. But for those looking for a challenge, check out the Nightmare mode for multi player dungeons.

Blitz – Once a player finishes a campaign map or reaches a particular level of the Forgotten Catacombs, they will now have the opportunity to blitz (called Streak on campaign maps) through that campaign map or that level of the Forgotten Catacombs. This new addition allows players to automatically complete these challenges, with an option to speed up the process. Each blitz attempt for campaign maps requires 5,000 Gold, whereas 1,000 Gold is required for every level of the Forgotten Catacombs. Lastly, Blitzing will continue even if a player goes offline.

Nightmare Multi-player Dungeons – Only level 40+ multi-player dungeons will have the option for nightmare mode. It can be unlocked by first completing the dungeon in normal mode. Monsters found in nightmare dungeons are much tougher; however the drops are even greater.

For equipment, we've got a small tweak...and some new crafting...

Equipment Linking – Players may link their equipment, weapons and items in their inventory by first selecting the chat channel they wish to use, then pressing shift and left-clicking the item. It’s that easy!

Legendary Equipment – Looking for the biggest and baddest equipment? Synthesize your Epic equipment into Legendary equipment! Legendary versions of Epic equipment can be enchanted even higher than their Epic counterparts!

Level 40 and 50 legendary equipment may now be synthesized in the Blacksmith, with the following requirements:
  • Relevant Epic Equipment – Found in Normal/Nightmare Multi-player Dungeons
  • Legendary Stone – Found in Level 40+ Nightmare Multi-player Dungeons
  • Legendary Equipment Shard – Found in the Arena Shop
We're also adding in a new item, the Rose,  to help increase Friendliness between players, and a new stat to see who gets the most Roses.

Charm – Upon reaching 80 Devotion, players will now receive a new item, a Rose, which can be sent to one of your friends. When a player receives a single Rose, their Charm will increase by 1; and both players’ Friendliness will increase by 1. When the character with the highest Charm points in the server appears online, a special announcement will appear in the world chat channel. Different levels of Friendliness will offer different boosts in multi-player dungeons.

Mounts, mounts, mounts!

Mounts – Once a player reaches level 40, they will receive a White Battle Steed. Mounts directly increase your attributes and increase your movement speed in the Battleground, dungeons, Guild Battle and the Wilds. Mount attribute boosts are compiled, therefore the more mounts you have, the more benefits you will gain.
Mounts can be trained by either using Balens or Mount Training Whips (also known as Beast Soul Stones), ultimately offering additional attribute boosts. Mount Training Whips can be found in various dungeons and the Forgotten Catacombs. Every time you level your steed, a new mount appearance will be unlocked.

For Guilds, we've got the brand new Guild Chamber, along with the improved Guild Chat.

Guild Chamber – All guilds now hold a special territory, the Guild Chamber, offering guild members the opportunity to gain bundles of guild contribution and experience. The Guild Chamber holds a separate Guild Tree of Ancients, which may be summoned for 15 minutes by the guild master once per day. Once summoned, players who enter the Guild Chamber can gain experience every 15 seconds, as well as collect various resources throughout the Guild Chamber. For every resource collected, you receive a small amount of guild contribution. If you wish, you may consume guild contribution points to receive a Guild Chamber Boost, allowing you to receive an experience boost from the experience gained from the Tree of Ancients. Occasionally, invaders will appear throughout the Guild Chamber. Defeat these invaders and you will receive additional guild contribution.
Every time the guild master summons the Guild Tree of Ancients, the experience of the tree increases by 1. Every guild member may energize the Guild Tree of Ancients once per day, also increasing the experience of the tree by 1. The higher the Guild Tree of Ancients is, the more experience guild members will receive once the tree is summoned.
In the Guild Chamber, you may also challenge fellow guild mates to develop and hone your dueling abilities. You may duel as many times as you would like and do not earn or lose anything by winning or losing in these challenges.
Guild Chat – Guild members may now communicate with one another using Guild Chat, a private chat interface just for its guild members. This new window features message history and notifications.

And last for Guilds, but hardly least, we'll be bringing the Guild Battle online.

Introduction – Think you have the strongest guild in the land? Well, now you can test your guild’s prowess in the Guild Battle. Every Sunday, the top 16 guilds listed in the Guild Strength Rankings will be chosen to compete in battle. The first round is held on Monday, with the following rounds being held on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 20:00 (Server Time). Before every round, the guild master and assistant guild masters may determine which guild members can participate in the Guild Battle. A maximum of 50 participants can be set per battle.

Note - The Guild Battle for a server will always start on Sunday. As such, after this maintenance, and after a new server launches, the first Guild Battle will start up on the first Sunday for that server.
Details – Each guild has a Ward Tower, holding 60,000,000 HP. There are four Mystery Towers in the Guild Battle instance which may be occupied and defended. The more Mystery Towers you occupy, the more Guild Battle points your team will receive. To decrease the enemy’s Ward Tower HP, players may either attack it directly or occupy all four Mystery Towers concurrently. Hero troops are not involved when participating in the Guild Battle.
Occupying and Defending – To occupy a Mystery Tower, find and click a Mystery Tower. If an opposing player finds this Mystery Tower and attacks it (by clicking it), s/he will have taken this Mystery Tower from your team.
To defend a Mystery Tower, you must first occupy it. Once you have occupied a Mystery Tower, click it once more to go into defense mode. While defending a Mystery Tower, if an opposing player attacks it (by clicking it), they will attack you rather than being able to occupy the Mystery Tower directly.
Winning/Losing – The guild to complete one of the following, wins the Guild Battle.
1.       The team who destroys the enemy’s Ward Tower first.
2.       The team who gains a 4,000 point advantage over the enemy.
3.       The team who finishes with more points at the end of the battle.
If both guilds finish with the same amount of points, the guild with the higher Guild Strength will win. Winning guilds will earn bundles of Honor and Insignia, while the losing team will only receive a fraction.
Guild Skills – Accessible by only the guild master and assistant guild masters, special guild skills may be used to help your chances in the Guild Battle. To use these guild skills, Guild Wealth is consumed for every attempt. The Guild Battle skills include:
1.       Inspiration – All members of the next battle will initially start with 80 Rage.

  • Guild Wealth Consumed: 10,000
  • Total Attempts: 10
  • Cooldown: 300 Seconds
2.       Call to Arms – Summon a War Chariot who can deal damage to the enemy’s Ward Tower.
  • Guild Wealth Consumed: 20,000
  • Total Attempts: 3
  • Cooldown: 600 Seconds
3.       Invincible – Invincibility for 120 seconds. If you attack, the effect will fade.
  • Guild Wealth Consumed: 5,000
  • Total Attempts: 10
  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
4.       Goddess Blessing – Restore 30% HP of your Ward Tower’s MAX HP.
  • Guild Wealth Consumed: 50,000
  • Total Attempts: 1
  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Note: If your guild is not matched with another guild, your guild will receive an automatic win, but no rewards.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Act now you'll get Cross Server 3v3 Arena Battles. How much would you pay to challenge players from any of the servers in the same Time Zone? 19.99? 29.99? 49.99? You pay nothing. That's right nothing!

Cross Server 3v3 Arena Battles - With 1.45 you are now limited to 30 attempts in the 3v3 Arena Battles per day. However, the times for the Battles have been expanded to 12:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 20:00 Server Time. You can also challenge players from servers that share the same time zone as yours. All this can be yours for the low low price of nothing! But wait! As an added bonus, we'll also throw in the Quick Join feature. Just click it to instantly join a 3v3 room with empty slots.

The VIP system also gets an overhaul with 1.45.

Updated VIP - Players now get 10 VIP tokens upon completing their daily VIP quest, rather than 5. The VIP wheel has also had a revision, reducing the number of green and blue slots on the wheel, and changing some of the items to be found on the wheel. Additionally, VIP will never have to spend another dime waiting on building, levy, technology, or duel cooldowns! Free cooldowns just for VIPs!

With all these changes, we had to move around Event Times. So we present the new schedule of Event Times for Wartune.

New Event Times:

And finally, we end (for reals this time) with.....

1.45 Patch Miscellaneous Changes

  1. Double Honor Scroll can now be purchased in the Shop for 195 Balens.
  2. All level 50+ players may now reset their skills once for free.
  3. The VIP Wheel now offers better rewards.
  4. VIP Tokens are now easier to obtain.
  5. Players may now earn up to 3,000 Honor from Battlegrounds each day.
  6. Daily Multi-Player Dungeon attempts have been reduced to three; however rewards and experience received from Multi-Player Dungeons have been increased.
  7. The Guild Alter now offers better items.
  8. Equipment and items in the Arena and Crypt Shop will only appear for your class. If you are an Archer, you will only see items that can be used by Archers.
  9. Daily Forgotten Catacombs and Tormented Necropolis attempts have been reduced to one. Players may now use Crypt Keys to receive double the rewards in the Forgotten Catacombs.
  10. AFK mode has been removed from the Forgotten Catacombs and Tormented Necropolis.
  11. Players will receive more Honor when defeating players with higher Honor.
  12. New items may now be found in the Guild Shop.
  13. Ultimate skills now only require 3 QTE, instead of 5.
  14. Farm actions (Plant, Energize, Steal, etc) have been optimized.
  15. Single and Multi-Player Dungeon assessments are now more detailed.
  16. Various mini-maps have been removed from certain dungeons, allowing players to complete them quicker.
  17. Higher Friendliness levels have been slightly altered, offering improved benefits.
  18. The synthesize tab in the Blacksmith has been optimized.
  19. Material requirements for level 30 and level 40 synthesizable equipment have been lowered.
  20. Daily 3v3 Arena attempts has been set to 30.
  21. A Quick Join feature has been added to the 3v3 Arena.
  22. Rewards for the 3v3 Arena have been improved greatly.
  23. Warehouse capacity has been expanded, allowing more gold to be stored.