Wartune Activities for 11/21/2012
For the next two weeks its a quest to get the elusive White Alpaca mount. Specific activities will get you Star Shards, which you can then turn into to get a Lost Treasure. Lost Treasures will contain White Alpaca jigsaw pieces. Get 30 pieces and turn in for the mount! Click here to get all the details on our forums!

This week’s Wartune server maintenance also includes the following updates:

  • Three new mounts are now available. The Shadow Steed and Ruby-Eyed Steed may be purchased in the Shop for just 1995 Balens each, while the White Alpaca may be exchanged for.
  • Legendary equipment names have been slightly altered to avoid confusion.
  • The chat channel character input limit has been raised to 100.
  • Fixed a number of language and terminology issues.