Wartune 2.1 Part One Maintenance 11/05 @ 9:00 PM EST
Wartune will be having its weekly Maintenance on Tuesday, November 5th at 9:00 PM EST, (6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT on November 6th, and 10:00 AM GMT +8 on November 6th). Maintenance is expected to take approximately 6 to 8 hours, with the exception of Server S1. Since Server S1 will only need bug fixes, they should only take 2 to 3 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread in our forums for any updates or changes.

NOTE: Please be aware that Astrals Captured, but not claimed or sold will be lost during maintenance. If you have Astrals left unclaimed, please claim them before maintenance starts. Thank you.

The following 2.1 pre-release bugs have been fixed:

1. Fixed an issue where the Astral icon disappeared for some people.
2. Fixed an issue with recruiting lancers in the tutorial.
3. Removed two unavailable quests: “Join Gold Rush” and “Open for Business”.
4. Resolved the issue where Bound Balens were unusable in the Shop.
5. Fixed various typographical errors.

Stuff! Stuff and Things! Its going to be a long maintenance for everyone, so to help out we've got a light at the end of that downtime tunnel for you all. Players can claim the following by checking the Hot Events area after the maintenance is over:

 300,000 Gold and Daru
 Runestone *3
 Insignia 100
 Extreme Stamina Potion*2