[Guide] New Event has arrived at Wilds (S1 only)
A new event has arrived at Wilds. Feed your curious heart with below intro and get quick understanding!

Description: Fight the Wild Monsters and receive splendid rewards with your glorious victories!

Requirement: Lvl. 13+

Reward Attempts: Reward attempts are limited based on the monsters attacked: 1 attempt for BOSSes, 3 for elite monsters, and 5 for normal monsters. Once all reward attempts have been used, no rewards can be collected.

  • Players defeat various Wild monsters to obtain abundant rewards (reward attempts are reset daily at 5 A.M.).
  • Elite and BOSS monsters are much more difficult to defeat; parties are highly recommended.
  • Players won't receive rewards or use reward attempts when battling a monster 15 or more levels below them.
  • Players can use Divine Light to disperse the dark fog temporarily. This will make finding the BOSS much easier.
  • Monsters reset every 2 hours from 08:00 to 24:00 (they will spawn randomly throughout the map).

There are many rewards to be gained from the Wilds such as: Equipment materials, Gold, Soul Crystals, Mahra, Daru and so more. 

How to Participate
Enter the Wilds to battle Monsters and earn rewards. A party is recommended to make monster finding faster and easier (party members can split up and then send location info once a monster is found).

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