Coming Soon: Wartune Gives you Wings
​n today's post about the upcoming 1.45 patch, we'll be talking about one of the hottest items players are looking forward to: Wings.

With the 1.45 Patch, Wings come in 3 different styles, and each style has 3 different color patterns. However, all the Wings share the same stats, so you aren't limited to a certain look depending on your play style. No matter which pair you select based on your personal preference for appearance, they'll be just as good as the rest.

Much like the mount, players will be able to see your wings when participating in multi-player dungeons and battleground maps.

There is no level restriction for Wings. As soon as players get their pair, they can use them right away! You can let the rest of the players know right from the start that you're looking to soar to the greatest of heights in Wartune.