Coming Soon: The Spirit Covenant
Are you looking for a way to save money and time? Needing an extra boost on Crypt runs? Check out the Spirit Covenant, coming to Part Two of the 1.45 Patch update!

Spirit Covenant – Available for just 1295 Balens, the Spirit Covenant offers a wide array of benefits. The Spirit Covenant lasts for 30 days and includes the following:
  • Power of Healing- HP packs will not be consumed when restoring HP.
  • Free Blitz - Gold will not be consumed when blitzing.
  • Bounty Helper - Complete bounty quests the moment you accept them.
  • Lord of Time - Balens will not be consumed when you speed-up cultivation in the Altar of Ennoblement.
  • Warrior's Call - A powerful buff, lasting for 30 minutes. The Warrior’s Call buff boosts the following stats by 10%: PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, HP and Charisma. This buff can be retrieved once per day by opening the Spirit Covenant panel and is only applied when in dungeons and in the Crypt.