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Wartune 1.5 Part One Guide!

Posted: 02/21/2013 by: R2Games

Wartune 1.5: Part I has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Clothing 
    - Needing to snazzy up that old style? Then say hello to the new clothing system! - More Info
  • Divine Altar - Tell the forces of Darkness that your Guild is the best in the business to get rewards! Of course, those same forces of Darkness aren't just going to take that claim lying down. Suit up and defend what's yours! - More Info
  • Cross-Server Battlegrounds & Rankings - Not satisfied with being the best in your realm? How about the best in all the realms? - More Info
  • Improved Astral One-Click Sell - Unsightly Astrals clogging your ability to generate more? Get rid of them all in just one click with the new One-Click Sell. New from Wartune! - More Info
  • Updated Mystery Shop - Rarer items, bonus points with purchases! - More Info
  • Guild Battle Changes - Now winning Guild Leaders can give out special rewards to special Guild members. Reward VIPs on the team for a job well done! - More Info
  • Improved Blitz - It's better than ever! - More Info
  • and much, more more!