Wartune 1.5 Preview: The Divine Altar

The Divine Altar

Unlocked at Guild Level 5, The Divine Altar can be activated once per day. Once activated, the Divine Altar will reward the Guild members based on how long it is active. The longer the Altar is active, the bigger the rewards will be! However, the dark forces of the land are not going to stand by and just let your Guild get a free pass. Every 5 minutes a host of villainous ne'er-do-wells will assault the Guild. The Guild will need to rally its members to defend the Divine Altar from attack! The longer the players hold out, the better the rewards. If they can protect the Altar for 20 minutes, then the forces of evil will withdraw and the event will have reached its conclusion. So start training for your Guild now! Its fate and the fate of your Guild's Divine Altar lies with YOU!