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Wartune's One Year Anniversary!!!

Posted: 08/02/2013 by: R2Games

Duration: 8/05 - 9/05 23:59:59 (Server Time)

Description: Over the month of August, join us in celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of Wartune with our biggest month of promotions ever!!! Players will be able to collect Anniversary Seals from various activities and promotions. These can be turned in for a variety of rewards, from Gold, to rune packs, Beast Marks and Huge Packs!!! The Beast Marks can then be exchanged for gift packs or 3 different mount cards, including the new Razor Dragon!

Anniversary Seal Exchange:

 Anniversary Seal x1 can be exchanged for Gold Chest x10
 Anniversary Seal x10 can be exchanged for Beast Mark x1
 Anniversary Seal x25 can be exchanged for Small Runestone x5
 Anniversary Seal x50 can be exchanged for Insignia x200
 Anniversary Seal x100 can be exchanged for Anniversary Gift Pack x12
 Anniversary Seal x200 can be exchanged for Crypt Tokens x50, Soul Crystal x100, Mount Training Whip x25

Anniversary Gift Pack : The official gift pack for Wartune’s first anniversary! Open this pack to receive: Anniversary Seal x1 and randomly receive ONE of the following:

 80,000 Gold
 40,000 Daru
 Lvl. 1 – Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x2
 Beast Mark x1
 Lvl. 9 Luck Stone x2
 Lvl. 4 Gem Pack x1
 Razor Dragon Card x1

Price: 59 Balens

Beast Mark Exchange:

 Beast Mark x1 can be exchanged for Anniversary Gift Pack x1
 Beast Mark x20 can be exchanged for Pig Card x1
 Beast Mark x40 can be exchanged for Hawkstrider Card x1
 Beast Mark x80 can be exchanged for Razor Dragon Card x1

Razor Dragon Card – Used to summon a ferocious mount – Razor Dragon.

Mount: Razor Dragon
Often used by only a select number of Dragonriders, this beast is difficult to tame and does not willingly submit to a master.
Attributes: +30 Attributes, Max Level: +10.

You can start your quest for Anniversary Seals and Beast Marks from the activities listed below:

 Ruler in Red - Astrals - Capture a Red Astral.
 Anniversary Invade and Plunder! - Plunder other players' city at least 3 times.
 Anniversary Login Bonus! - Login every day for the duration of the event.
 Anniversary Weeding - Weeding any kind of crops 12 times.
 Anniversary Alchemy - Use Alchemy three to five times.
 Anniversary Meditation - Engrave your soul 25 times.
 Anniversary Warring - Defeat 3 players in the Battlegrounds.
 Anniversary Online Bonus! - Remain online for the required amount of time.
 Anniversary Exterminating - Exterminate insects 12 times in your farm.
 Anniversary Day Login Bonus! - Login on the day of Wartune's anniversary.
 Anniversary Bounty Quest Bonus - 10 extra Bounty Quest attempts during this event.
 Anniversary Double EXP Party! - All dungeon experience has been doubled.
 Learning to Tailor - Synthesize your clothing.
 Tank Trial Warmup - Enter the Tank Trials event daily.
 Solo Spelunking - Complete any solo dungeon 3 times.
 Anniversary Energizing - Energize the Tree of Ancients for 3 friends.
 Anniversary Daru Alchemy - Use Daru Alchemy three to five times.
 Mystery Shopping - Reset the Mystery Shop three times.
 Anniversary BOSS Bash! - Fight the World BOSSes at least 5 times.
 2x EXP for Burning Man Festival - All dungeon experience has been doubled for this event.
 Burning Man Online Bonus - Remain online for the required amount of time.
 Let the Battles Begin! - Complete any multi-player dungeon twice.
 Anniversary Astrals - Capture Astrals 100 times.
 Anniversary Refinement Day - Refine an item in the Blacksmith 3 times.
 Ultimate Refiner - Refine any piece of equipment until all of its attributes reach lvl. 10.

For more details on these events be sure to check out our forums by clicking here!