[Guide] Wartune 4.0 Part Three
​Ancient Treasure

Unlocked at level 15, players may enter this by clicking the Ancient Treasure event icon. Please note that part in this event consumes Balens. The Ancient Treasure event includes multiple stages of rewards. A new reward stage will unlock once a player has claimed the previous one. The system records and saves your completion progress, which may be continued at a later date. Once all rewards from all stages have been claimed, players will no longer be able to claim any of the rewards. All event rewards will then later be displayed by entering the Event panel.

Players can participate in the event at any time as long as the event is open.
All completion progress will be saved until all rewards are collected.
Rewards for each stage are picked at random.

Chaos War (Cross-Server)

Event Time: Once per month; preliminaries take place on Thursday and Finals on Saturday.

Requirements: The top 40 players in the Battle Rating Rankings across a server (all being Lvl 40+) can participate. The Balenor's Finest will be assigned as the team lead. Who will be the lead and who will qualify for the event will depend on the data displayed on Monday morning at 05:00 (Server Time). One hour before the event starts, the team lead may remove offline participants from the list and add online teammates.

The preliminaries are held on Thursday night from 20:00 - 21:00. The finals are held on Saturday night from 20:00-21:00.
Participants should be level 40+.
Players level 40+ and in the top 40 Battle Rating rankings will be auto-selected as the participants.
The team lead may manage the participant list.
Management Time: 1 hour before the event starts (Thursday night 19:00 - 20:00, Saturday night 19:00 - 20:00)
Target: The team lead can only remove offline participants from the list and add online players.
Players are free to team up in the battlefield. To team up, players may open the party manage list and click the player’s character name.

Opponents are randomly matched and will battle each other for 4 rounds, each round lasting for 10 minutes with a 5 minute break.
Upon entering the battleground, two teams (each team includes 4 players) will be placed on each end and battle against each other once the 10 second countdown is over.
Defeated players will exist on the battleground as dead souls that cannot revive.

Win Conditions
Once the event ends, victory will be awarded to the team with the most players still standing.
Two minutes after the event starts, if there is no opponent or the opponent team is dead, the event will end earlier.
Points for each round are distributed according to victory, time used and the number of players killed (fixed points will be given to teams with no enemy).
Once 4 rounds of battles are completed, all teams will be divided into two groups according to their points and enter the finals: Warlord’s Hall (1st – 16th) and Warrior’s Hall (17th and below). If two teams have the same amount of points, the ranks will be based on total Battle Rating.

Warrior’s Hall – The matching rules are the same as that for the preliminaries. Opponent teams will be randomly matched to complete 4 battle rounds against each other. All teams will be ranked based on the amount of points they gain. If two or more teams have the same amount of points, then the team with a higher Battle Rating will be ranked higher.

Warlord’s Hall – The matching rules are similar to that for the server Guild Battle. The 4 teams with the highest Battle Rating will be excluded from the battles. The other 12 teams will be randomly matched. The next matching will depend on the result of the previous battle round.

Single Battle Rewards
Participants will receive the same fixed points as a reward. Participants are defined as players who remain on the battleground once the event ends. Players that are on the participants list but have not entered the battleground will not receive any rewards.

Preliminaries/Finals Rewards
All Lvl. 40+ active players on the server will receive the same fixed points as a reward.

Point Shop
All points will be cleared 3 days after the event ends. Players may exchange points for items in the Point Shop before that.


Players level 40+ and are ranked in the top 40 Battle Rating rankings can participate in the Chaos War.
Balenor's Finest is auto selected as the team lead. Team leads can set the participants and remove players who are not online 1 hour before the battle starts.
Dead characters cannot be revived. The side that entirely kills the opposing team or with who has more remaining players will win the battle.
Players on the battleground are free to team up with each other. Players on the same team will battle alongside each other.
According to the Preliminary rankings, the top 16 players will enter the Warlord’s Hall, while the lower ranked players will enter the Warrior’s Hall.
Participating, preliminary and finals rewards contain bundles of Chaos Stones, which can be used to exchange for items in the Shop of Turmoil.
Chaos Stones will reset 3 days after the final is over.

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame has gotten a makeover and is ready to be won over by the best and brightest!

During the event, the claim button will light up once players have completed all requirements for the reward.
Each reward can only be claimed once.
The claim button will be grayed out once the rewards have been claimed or if the requirements are now invalid; however, players will still be able to view the event info.

Meet all the event requirements to claim rewards!
The Hall of Fame is a rare event, so don’t miss out when it appears.
Players can preview rare rewards.
Each reward level can only be claimed once.
Potions, scrolls and buffs do not count towards total Battle Rating for the event.

Sky Adventure

Required Level:

Players use Energy Stones to energize their hot air balloon and obtain points.
Energize consumes 1 Energy Stone while Adv. Energize consumes 50 Energy Stones. (Adv. Energize gives players the chance to obtain extra points.)
Energize to obtain 10 points and open a treasure chest for the chance to obtain 1-5 points.
Players can claim treasure chests upon reaching certain amounts of points.
After the event ends, the top 3 players on the ranking list will receive extra rewards.
Players can speed up to finish a flight faster and earn points.
Players cannot energize or close the panel while in-flight.

Players will be ranked based on points earned during the event; the top 3 players will receive extra rewards.

Players can receive both Point Rewards and Ranking Rewards (top 3 players).

Players can earn extra points from collecting treasure chests with fire balloons.
Fire balloons require movement points to fly (collecting a chest consumes 1 action point).
Energy Stones can be obtained from the Shop and events.
Rankings are based on points earned. The player who earns a certain number of points first will be ranked higher even if more than one player has the same point total.

[Guide] Cross-server Guild Battle

Battle Schedule

Event Time: Each battle lasts 7 weeks (Preliminaries: 1st-4th week; Finals: 5th-7th week) and is held at 20:00-21:00 every Sunday.
Sign-up: Any guild with over 4,000,000 Guild BA can use 500,000 Guild Wealth to sign-up, only the guild leader can sign-up. The Cross-server Guild Battle requires 24 at least participants; otherwise, the event will be cancelled until the next time.
Note:The event will be cancelled for the season if there are less than 24 participants before sign-up ends, entry fee (Guild Wealth) will be returned.

Preliminaries: 1st-4th week
Matching Rules: Guilds are randomly matched in the first round, later matching will based on rankings.
Ranking Rules: All guilds start with 0 points and will be ranked according to victories, accumulated points, and guild battle rating. Guilds with similar/close rankings will fight each other in the next round.
Rewards: After the preliminaries end, the system will send rewards according to rankings. (Rewards can be exchanged for items in Guild Shop.)

Final: 5th- 7th week
All guilds will be divided into groups according to Preliminaries rankings: Diamond (Top 1-8), Gold (Top 9-16), and Silver (Top 17-24). These guilds will be matched according to the matching rules and go on to the next 3 rounds within their own group. Guilds that rank lower than the top 24 will be placed in the Iron group in which guilds are ranked according to victories, accumulated points and guild battle rating. Guilds with similar/close rankings will fight each other in the next round. Rewards will be sent based on the final rankings.

Unmatched Guild
When the total number of participating guilds is an odd number, one guild will be left out of the matchup process (defaulted to the guild with the lowest battle rating in the first round of preliminaries and guilds who place last in future rankings). Guilds who are not matched will receive a Lucky Reward.

Battle Description

Each guild can have up to 40 members attend the Cross-server Guild Battle. Guild leaders can divide their members into 10 teams through the Manage list. Players will spawn on both sides of the map; the center of the map is the combat area in which players will find the Totems and harvesting area.

Resource Harvesting
Harvesting resources and carrying back to your base will increase guild points, the maximum carry per player is 100. When plundered, 10% of the resource material will be taken by the victor.

There are 5 totem areas on the map; each has 1 totem and 1 guardian tower (unmovable). The occupy bar for each totem begins in a neutral status, and only begins counting occupation time when a player is nearby and stops once the player is attacked by another player. Each totem can be occupied or protected by 4 players at most. The system will send out guild points according to the number of occupied totems.

Guild Battle Chariot
Each guild begins with 5 chariots, guild administrators (Guild master and assistant guild masters) can spend 1000 resources or 100 Balens to summon a chariot, each team can have up to 10 chariots. Chariot time bars begin counting once a player occupies it and stops upon the player being attacked. Each chariot can be used by one player. Players can exit a chariot at any time. Players cannot use opponent’s chariots.
Player vs. Player: Deal damage to players, defeated player will be sent back to the spawn point.
Chariot vs. Chariot: Deal damage to chariots but not the driver, player will be switched back to character state when the chariot is destroyed.
Player VS Chariot: No damage will be deal to the chariot if player in a chariot chose to switch into character state in battle. Both player and the chariots will be sent back to the spawn after being defeated.

Guardian Tower: The occupy bar for each tower begins in a neutral status, and only begins counting occupation time when a player is nearby and stops once the player is attacked by another player. Each tower can be occupied or protected by 4 players at most. Players enter an auto-battle mode and cannot move while in a guardian tower. Players in the tower can deal direct damage to players and chariots and may exit the tower at any time.
Tower vs. Player: Deal damage to players, dead player will be sent back to the spawn point.

Tower vs. Chariot: Deal damage to chariots but not the driver, player will be switched back to character state when the chariot is destroyed.

Player vs. Tower: Deal damage to player in tower but not the tower. Defeated players will be sent back to the spawn point and the tower will be occupied by the opponent.

Chariot vs. Tower: Deal damage to the tower but not the player within the tower; players will be switched back to character state when the tower is destroyed, and the tower will be refreshed to a neutral state after 2 minutes.

Note: HP cannot be used in Guild Battle, defeated players will be sent back to the spawn point, and all defeated members will be revived at a specified time together.

Victory Requirements

The battle ends when either team reaches 10000 points.

How to Earn Points
Occupying totems will increase guild points.
Killing enemies will increase both personal points and guild points.
Resource harvesting will increase both personal points and guild points.

Guild Skills

Summon Chariot: Spend 500 Glory Crystals or Balens to summon a Chariot. CD time: 7 seconds. Revive All: Revive all killed guild members immediately. CD time: 10 seconds; attempts: 3.
Restoration: Restore HP immediately. CD time: 10 seconds. Attempts: 5; please note that Restoration has no effect on Chariot and Guardian Tower.
Fury: Restore Fury immediately. CD time: 10 seconds. Attempts: 5.

Battle Modes

During the course of battle, players who use chariots and the guardian Tower can directly cause damage to players without switching battle scenes. The chariot and guardian tower skills can be classified into two types:
Solo: Auto-select the nearest enemy as attack target, hit rate: 100%. Solo skill: Laser, normal attack.
AOE: Deal damage to all enemies within the selected area, enemies can move to dodge attack. AOE skill: Napalm, Spinal Tap, Thunderbomb.

Rewards (Guild Shop)

Battle Victories: Honor, King's Seal. There are 3 reward stages based on end time.
Preliminaries: King's Seal.
Finals: King's Seal.
King's Seal: Used to exchange for items (materials for the Holy Forge, mount cards, Mount Training Whips, Mahra, Gold Chests, Daru Pearls and Kyanite) in the Cross-server Guild Battle Shop. King's Seal will reset after the event ends and cannot be accumulated across the following events (which means, you must use all rewards at such time as they will not carry forward to the next cross-server battle season).

Special Rewards

The #1 guild of each Cross-server Guild Battle will be awarded the following:
Engrave the guild’s tenet in the center of Cloud City square, lasts 7 days.
Be worshiped by the people in Cloud City, lasts 7 days.
All members of the guild will receive powerful buff bonuses, lasts 7 days.

Rewards Details

Contribution Rewards
PVP Contribution Points = Personal Points
PVE Contribution Points = Caused Damages/1000
Rewards for Top 3: Runestone x10, Mount Training Whip x50

All Cross-server Guild Battle participants can receive single battle rewards.
All Cross-server Guild Battle participants + guild members of participating guilds can receive preliminary and finals rewards based on the guild's ranking in the event.

The Steel War – PvP Arena

Take down all the enemies and claim all honor and glory in Wartune’s next great PvP arena event! 

Required Level: 35+

Sign-up: The Steel War event icon appears in-game at 5:55 3 days before the preliminaries and disappears 1 hour before the preliminaries start. The total Battle Rating of an alliance should be over 3,000,000 to sign up for the event.

[League Match] Players may create an alliance for 1 million Gold. Each alliance can hold up to 20 players. During the event, a separate round of battle occurs on Tuesday and Thursday. Rewards will be sent at the end of each round. 

Event Map
The event map is made up of many different parts as described below:

Outside the City
Spawn Point: Each alliance has one spawn point from which players revive.
Alliance Totem: Each alliance has its own Totem. If an alliance’s Totem is destroyed, players from that alliance will not be able to revive until the Totem refreshes (5 minute refresh period).
Monster Point: Monsters respawn at certain intervals at these points.

Within the City
Gate: Players must destroy the gate to enter a city.

Defense Tower: These towers start out neutral and will launch an attack at any player who comes within its range.

Energy Crystal: These crystals start out neutral. An alliance must seize the Energy Crystals before being able to occupy the city. It takes time to seize an Energy Crystal, if the opposing alliance interrupts this process than the crystal will not be seized successfully.

City Hub: Hubs start out neutral and will belong to the first alliance to occupy it.

One-way Transport: Both alliances can use this to transport themselves to the outskirts of the city.

Event Details
Five minutes before the event starts (19:55), the event icon will blink to indicate that players can enter the battleground. Event begins at 20:00 and ends at 21:00.

Players will appear on the battleground as tanks, their character attributes will affect their final tank attributes.

The city exists in a neutral state at the very beginning (City Hub, Energy Crystal, Gate, Defense Tower and Spawn Points are all neutral).

Players need to destroy the Gate to enter the city. After an alliance seizes the 4 Energy Crystals, it needs to occupy the City Hub without being attacked during a duration indicated by the progress bar; otherwise it will be deemed a failed seizure.

Players will revive at the Spawn Point 10 seconds after they die on the battleground.

If one alliance’s Totem is destroyed, players from that alliance won’t revive until the Totem refreshes (5 minutes later).

If one alliance occupies the city. The battle will change from city scramble to city defense.

Once the city is captured, the occupying alliance will become the defender. The Totem for the defending alliance as well as its alliance members will be shifted from outside the city to inside the city. The destroyed Gate and Defense Tower that now belong to the defending side will be rebuilt.
All players from the attacking alliance will be shifted to the Spawn Point.

During city defense, if players from the defending alliance die they will revive at the Spawn Point inside the city.

Outside the City, there are several monster points where 5 monsters respawn every 5 minutes. These monsters may drop various buffs. Plus there is a BOSS which can be killed for powerful attacking boosts. The BOSS refreshes every 15 minutes.

Points may be earned by killing players in the battleground, destroying the opponent’s totem, killing wild monsters and occupying the City Hub (which grants the alliance a large quantity of points based on time occupied).

Event results are based on total points obtained by each alliance. If the point gap between the opposing alliances reaches 1,000, then the event will end earlier than scheduled.

An alliance’s victories or defeats as well as individual point rankings are the basis for rewards. Rewards include Insignia, Honor, Bound Balens and Rune Unicorn Card Shard.
League Match Rankings are based on cumulative victories and has nothing to do with rewards.

The system matches players with opponents based on their League Match Rankings.
Players appear as tanks; killing monsters will grant players various buffs and attribute bonuses.
Destroy opponents’ Totems to slow their reviving speed.